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Meadows of Central Appalachia


Hambley Blvd

Meadows of Central Appalachia is a family apartment community providing 45 affordable multifamily housing units in the heart of downtown Pikeville. It's Marians first development in Eastern Kentucky, and is located on the corner of Auxier Avenue and Saad Avenue, within walking distance of the Univeristy of Pikeville. The residential portion of this project is comprised of nine 1,000 sq. ft. 3BR/2BA and twelve 855 sq. ft. 2BR/1BA units. The 10,250 sq. ft. Community Service Facility houses a Childhood Early Education Center as well as leasing offices, a computer resource center, and multipurpose space. There is a commercial grade children’s playground along with a children's garden.

Did you know?

  • New construction of 48 housing units, with an Early Childhood Education Center and Academic Services Center.
  • Pikeville is home to the world famous "Hillbilly Days", an annual festival attracting over 100,000 people.

1801 Payne St.
Louisville, KY 40206