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LaSalette Gardens Apartments


Mutter Gottes

LaSalette Gardens Apartments is another project that combines a number of the driving interests of Marian, primarily the renovation and revitalization of existing structures to better meet the needs of the people, neighborhood and community they serve.

In 1981, LaSalette Academy was repurposed as LaSalette Gardens Apartments, an affordable apartment community serving the elderly and those with physical disabilities. Marian has overseen the renovation of 76 existing units, 50 of which are single bedroom apartments and twenty-six of which are efficiency apartments.

Did you know?

  • Formerly the LaSalette Academy, originally built in 1856, and converted to apartments in 1981.
  • In 1931, plans were drawn to add an additional building, but construction was delayed by the Great Depression by almost a decade!

1801 Payne St.
Louisville, KY 40206